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KHY Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting service is very affordable, quick, and extremely easy for you to get your website online.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is simply referred to “web hosting” and it consists of many websites residing on one web server connected to the internet. Many customers’ websites are placed on its own partition, or section on the server to keep it separated from other websites. Generally, the server’s resources (CPU Processor and RAM) are shared among all the customers on the very same machine. Customers also share the overall cost of the server maintenance and this is typically the reason shared web hosting is the most economical option for hosting.

Why choose shared web hosting service?

With shared web hosting, we are responsible for all server upgrades and maintenance (both hardware and software). You only need to maintain your website and we provide you with a feature-rich management interface. It is an ideal solution for bloggers, social-networking, e-commerce websites and small businesses. Customers who do not need the flexibility and scalability of a Virtual Private Server or the secured performance of a Dedicated Server are prime candidates for shared web hosting.

What does KHY Shared Web Hosting offer?


Web-based control panel makes it easier to manage customer accounts from a web browser.


Shared web hosting reduces the cost of the system dramatically. Customers can achieve more with less spending.

Advanced Application

Customers can explore different options by using a wide variety of code languages such as, PHP5, Perl, Ruby (RoR), Python, and many more…..

Ease of Communication

Simple and easy to use 1-Click script installer helps you to install and configure a new blog in just a few minutes.

Satisfaction and Reliability

At KHYCOM, we are committed to customer satisfaction and our expert technical support representatives are available 24/7 vial email and telephone.

Shared Web Hosting

Our shared web hosting package starting at as low as $4.95 per month with many features available.

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