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Microsoft Windows dedicated server provides a combination of web collaborative applications such as, .NET, MS SQL, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange and more. These varies degrees of design and management are powered by an easy to use interface and it is a perfect choice for Windows application integration. Customers can take advantage of our Windows dedicated hosting package to reduce development time and quickly integrate functionality to meet your needs.

Linux dedicated server offers a different sets of characteristic. Linux is well-known when it comes to Web-Hosting and it is widely considered to be one of the best operating systems for managing web servers. If PHP, Perl, MySQL languages are your expertise, Linux is definitely the solution you are looking for. Since Linux is an open source operating system, many ready-to-use applications such as blogs, content management systems (CMS), or discussion forums are available at your finger tips to empower your business websites.

Cpanel (optional) dedicated server is based on the Linux operating system and it is the next generation web hosting control panel system. This extremely feature rich software simplifies the process of managing the server by including an easy to use web based GUI (Graphical User Interface). It is designed for anybody to manage, create and control a huge list of applications. Cpanel provides server administrators quick access to many server management tools such as:

No Matter which operating system you choose, the hardware specification is very important. We offer varies pre-configured packages to quickly get your server operational. For certain demanding applications and specifications, a custom hardware package is also available to specifically tailor for your needs.

Dedicated Server equipped with Dedicated Resources.

Dedicated server hosting is by far one of the best type of web hosting for anyone, since you are not sharing your server with anyone else which means the entire server is configured and tailored to your request. You know exactly what is running in the dedicated server. Customers benefit from the full spectrum of utilization and bandwidth capacity as well as a more secured computing platform loaded with important features. A business is seeking for a large amount of computing facilities can take advantage from Dedicated Server hosting.

Benefits of our Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Affordable and the ideal choice for many companies where servers meet service

Our support team will setup, manage and monitor your physical servers 24/7/365. AT KHY, we support both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and we can meet your specific requirements to optimize your business operations.

The choice of either operating systems will be compatible and capable of powering service demanding applications. Both technologies offer a wide variety of applications to support your business.

Reduce IT Cost

Maximizing IT budgets without sacrificing IT operations and efficiency. Your IT staffs can focus on business projects instead of keeping up to the system hardware.

Data Backup

Your server data is safe even if the hard drive fails. We perform automatic backups of your entire site.

Dedicated Support

We are available 24/7 to get  your questions answered as quickly as possible with exclusive access to our dedicated support staffs.

Enterprise-Level Monitoring

Our Network Operation Center (NOC) is constantly monitoring all the servers to ensure server uptime guarantee policy. You can choose to receive our alerts or simply call us anytime.

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KHY Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting is a high-performance, highly effective and business-class service that is tailored with features for your business.

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