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Colocation Services

KHYCOM operates its privately owned data center in Central US region. Paralleled with diverse path network fiber into the facility. The primary objective in designing this facility was to ensure the electrical and mechanical systems were mission critical and equally important, efficiently maintained to support and sustain principal performance.

There are many reasons to consider locating your data in our facility. The advantages include:

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At KHYCOM, we provide superior, secure infrastructure and
the experts when you need them

Redundant Fiber Path

Improved reliability and availability through redundant network infrastructure.

Cloud Ready

Our infrastructure is equipped to handle a cloud IT environment - whether it is a public or a private cloud atmosphere.

Port Monitoring

Protect yourself from unnecessary costs by defining your own bandwidth and thresholds. Proactively monitoring the port usage prevents unwanted costs by aggravating viruses, spamming and DOS attacks.

We respect your privacy and do not share your information. Please read our privacy policy for details

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On-Site Security

Risk mitigation through on-site security, video surveillance and other measures.

Cost Effective

Reduce IT cost so you do not have to build a data center.

24/7 Support

Our customers can contact us via phone or email 24/7. For emergency purposes, you can contact our emergency line to directly talk to one of our engineers.

Colocation Series Plan A

 » 5000GB Data Transfer¹

 » 15U Rack Space

 » 1050 Watts Power²

 » 7 Servers (Max)

 » $0 Set-up Fee

 » 6 IP Addresses


Colocation Series Plan B

 » 5000GB Data Transfer¹

 » 20U Rack Space

 » 1620 Watts Power²

 » 10 Servers (Max)

 » $0 Set-up Fee

 » 14 IP Addresses


Colocation Series Plan C

 » 5000GB Data Transfer¹

 » 42U Rack Space

 » Power Setup Varies²

 » $0 Set-up Fee

 » 30 IP Addresses


¹ Bandwidth can be adjusted by your requirement from 5000GB to unmetered port.

² Customize the power consumption during configuration mode.